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For those of you who don’t subscribe to the Church Times (which I confess includes me and the Vicar), their article about my success in getting a local Asda to move lads mags to the top shelf can now be seen on the web.

I think the cartoonist has captured my furious look rather well. I did wonder when they phoned me up what they were going to do about a photo.

Don’t forget to complain to customer services yourself if you see these magazines displayed inappropriately.

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This was a search term that recently led someone to my blog. So I thought maybe I could start by drawing one up as I go along over the next twelve months. I’ll try and make it a regular feature.

The Vicar's Wife

The Vicar's Wife

If you’re reading and also doing the same job, I’d love to have your contributions too.

This week I’m still not officially a vicar’s wife, but there have been a few phone calls to the vicarage, and I needed to know:

  1. How someone could hire the church hall.
  2. Whether a baby living nearly five miles away could be ‘christened’ in our church, as our phone number had been at the top of the list in the Thompson directory. The mother wanted to change the baby’s name in the ceremony.
  3. The meaning of firmament, purgatory and two other more difficult words I’d never heard before.

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The other week we were visiting the vicarage, sorting a few things out before the move. The (then) Curate was doing some practical jobs wearing his allotment jeans, his hoodie and his beanie and was outside the house.

The Curate was wearing longer trousers

The Curate was wearing longer trousers

A lady walked by and smilingly said to him

You’ll need to get a move on with your work. The vicar is moving in next month, you know.

The (then) Curate said

“Actually, he’ll be here in just thirteen days.”

“How do you know that then?”

“I am the new vicar.”

You look very different without your suit on.

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Soon after we were married, the Curate and I spent some time living in South East Asia. A few months ago we enjoyed seeing friends from both Malaysia and Singapore.

Malaysian map

When Lawstudent came to visit us, we were excitedly reminiscing about our time in Kuala Lumpur, where we’d known him as he was growing up. We showed him a few of the books we’d bought and read when we were there. Our favourite was ‘Generation’ by Amir Muhammad, Kam Raslan and Sheryll Stothard (only available second-hand now, see this review for more details).

Lawstudent read the book whilst he was staying here, and was delighted and surprised by the witty insight into Malaysian life that he encountered on its pages.

‘I didn’t know that Malaysians could write this well’ he commented. ‘In fact, at home, my friends and I had a phrase for things that were a bit shoddy or hopeless. We’d say it was


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The Archbishop of Canterbury has one, so why not me, eh? I’m such an Anglican!

Actually, the Curate has chosen a book to read be read by members of our new church over Lent. And I’m going to read along too, although I probably won’t be able to make the evening meetings when they discuss the book and go deeper, as I’ll be babysitting at the Vicarage.

The book he’s chosen is one we looked at last year at our current church during Lent. It’s called ‘The Cross Centered Life’ by C J Mahaney, an American pastor (hence the -er spelling of centre).

The Cross Centered Life

The book has the great advantage of being very short (only seven chapters and about 70 pages) and is a very easy read. I’m going to dig out my copy now, and shall be reading a chapter or so a week over Lent. Lent begins the day after Pancake Day, Tuesday 24th February.

Why not get a copy yourself and join me in the Vicarage kitchen as I drink a mug of tea, eat some flapjack and think through what I’ve been reading? I’ll be blogging my progress.

Amazon are currently supplying it for £5.59. A bargain for some great encouragement to keep focused on the central truth of Christian faith. Better order it now, as Amazon say that it can take 1-3 weeks to deliver.

There’s also a terrific cd from Sovereign Grace music which goes with the book.

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I’ve got this post scheduled for today and another tomorrow so the computer can go in its box….

In the meantime, check your knowledge of the bible and English literature on the BBC website. I heard a chap on the Today programme on Tuesday talking about how the lack of basic bible knowledge meant that students of English literature were failing to grasp the depths of their subject.

Read it to do well in literature - and to find eternal life

Read it to do well in literature - and to find eternal life

My friend Starstudent was pleased to have studied the bible with me for a while, as it helped her to understand Paradise Lost in her recent literature course.

I got 9/10 on the quiz – caught out by Lucifer.

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A great phrase

The Curate used to play golf fairly regularly with a local policeman.

The policeman had a wonderful phrase to describe a character with whom he had had too many professional dealings.

He’s a bad bag of washing

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