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I was recently sent a pile of books by 10ofthose.com for review. As I’m letting myself slowly back into blogging, I thought I’d review the shortest one first.

10ofthose have produced a lovely bath book telling the story of creation. There’s a smiley picture of Adam and Eve on the front cover and then the seven days of creation are pictured. The words and illustrations are taken from the popular Beginner’s Bible. It’s a standard bath book with squidgy plastic pages. I’m going to give it to our youngest congregation member to try out on his holiday and will report back on robustness at a later date, but it feels good quality – the edges are soft and the pages are bound together securely.

A fun gift for small children – only £4.99 for one, but prices down to £3.24 if you order in bulk. Why not club together with other church members and take advantage of the discounts available?

I gave our copy to a lovely baby at our church. Here he is reading it with his mum on holiday a couple of weeks ago:

P1010088 P1010091

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Yesterday we went to Dudley Zoo to celebrate the Queen’s tenth birthday. We loved our visit, as usual, but today was extra special as there were some new babies on show:

Two baby meerkats have joined the colony

We enjoyed a talk on the meerkats and watched the babies playing for ages. But not for as long as we watched the fabulous new baby orangutan:

Baby Sprout and her mum Jazz

A lovely way to celebrate one of my babies being in double figures now.

Happy Birthday The Queen

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