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This was a search term that recently led someone to my blog. So I thought maybe I could start by drawing one up as I go along over the next twelve months. I’ll try and make it a regular feature.

The Vicar's Wife

The Vicar's Wife

If you’re reading and also doing the same job, I’d love to have your contributions too.

This week I’m still not officially a vicar’s wife, but there have been a few phone calls to the vicarage, and I needed to know:

  1. How someone could hire the church hall.
  2. Whether a baby living nearly five miles away could be ‘christened’ in our church, as our phone number had been at the top of the list in the Thompson directory. The mother wanted to change the baby’s name in the ceremony.
  3. The meaning of firmament, purgatory and two other more difficult words I’d never heard before.

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