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Whilst searching for the YouTube link to the Daily Mail song for a friend I came across a new clip by Dan & Dan, entitled Dan/Dan Coalition. Cheer up your Monday morning by watching.

I think I’m Home Secretary in the Vicarage (definitely i/c loo rolls), but thankfully not Chancellor (although responsible for the tax returns…).

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I went to see my dear friend Starstudent a few days ago. I’ve not had a good catch-up with her for ages, because she’s just been taking exams.

Amongst the usual school gate chit-chat, we discussed the Conservatives’ victory in the Crewe and Nantwich by-election and also the local elections. The local elections resulted in a change of council control in Wolverhampton from Labour to no-overall-control.

She told me that she’d not bothered voting in local elections before but that she’d been so fed up with the administration of her tax credits that she’d decided to vote. And vote Tory for the first time too.

If an Asian university student who’s also a single mum is voting for the Conservatives, it seems that they are winning votes from a whole new section of society (based on my sample of one!).

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