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Our lovely friend Ruth is back in hospital. Her dad, who lectured the Vicar at Oak Hill and is not generally given to daredevil pursuits (although he did dress up as King Henry VIII for a holiday club once), is jumping out of an aeroplane (thankfully with a parachute) to raise funds for the Cystic Fybrosis Trust. Do support him and the CF Trust. And pray for Ruth and read her blog – she writes movingly and challengingly on living with CF and trusting God.

Parachute jump

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Although I am sadly unable to attend myself (and my theological expertise may not be up to it) I would like to encourage my more expert readers to check out this training opportunity.

I know both the speakers well and have learnt much about the Lord from them both – they are godly Christians and wonderful communicators. I am sure that the day will be both stimulating and fun. You can check out both their websites.

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