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If you’re a regular visitor here at the Vicarage, you probably know that back in those hazy days before children and keeping warm loomed large in my day, I used to design sewage works (among other things water-related). One of the odder hang-overs from those days is that I still often notice sewage works as I’m driving around, and especially if I travel by train (railways often follow rivers and that’s where many sewage works are located).

Thanks to Twitter, I’ve discovered that tomorrow, 19th November, is not only BBC Children in Need day, but has also been designated ‘World Toilet Day’. So my kids are going to school in spotty hankies tomorrow. But for today, here is Dancing in the Loo.

And why not play Flush Tracker and work out where things go after you flush. And think about donating for toilets in places where people don’t have the opportunity to flush…

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