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When I picked the Queen and the Joker up from school yesterday, the Queen was holding a folded blue paper towel in front of her face.

Inadequate anti-viral protection

Inadequate anti-viral protection

When I asked her what it was for she told me that it was so that she didn’t catch “the virus”. “But it can kill you Mummy,” she protested as I told her to put the paper towel away.

Her teacher had told the class about swine flu, and that they should make sure they wash their hands after they sneeze or cough.

The Queen also knew that the virus was spreading all over the world. It took most of the walk home for her to be convinced that her rather original method of protection was not going to be effective.

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Where we live most people have small gardens, often concreted over, or live in flats. And not many can afford to have play equipment in their garden. Our church was recently given a generous grant towards having a playground installed in our grounds. It will mainly be used by the young children who attend our toddler group.Tree

As part of the project, some trees in the churchyard had to be trimmed back. As I came back from the school run yesterday, the tree surgeons were hard at work. And they were shredding lots of the wood. We have wood burning stoves in the vicarage and we’d been promised the logs. So I went to check that they weren’t chipping all the lovely holly wood. They assured me they weren’t but then started asking about which other trees needed pruning. This was definitely outside my field of knowledge.

The Vicar was out at a prayer meeting, so it was back to the vicarage to “phone a friend”. I got it right first time by calling the churchwarden who then came over to talk trees whilst I made tea for the workers.

The logs came over our wall later on. And the Vicar spent a lovely hour after tea chopping and splitting them with some local teenagers who thought they’d come over to use our trampoline.

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