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There’s something very beautiful about studying this passage in a small group with people with Punjabi, Irish, Iranian, Scots and English heritage, all together. And reading it aloud in English and Farsi.

We are blessed in Christ – in forgiveness and in the promise of eternal life. And we are blessed in the families of the earth coming together in the red room in the Vicarage – marvelling that those promises to Abram are fulfilled in us today, so far distant in time and place.

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Clothing Bravery

This trailer for the new Pixar movie Brave caught my eye. I think you’ll guess why…

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I saw this today and thought it perfect for some of the paler skinned inhabitants of the Vicarage, given their Scots heritage.

It’s actually a necklace available from MuchTooFun. They also do other Scottish bling:

I think this one would suit me

[HT India Knight]

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